Saturday, July 30, 2011

Urban Decay Anniversary Palette!

Urban Decay Anniversary Pallete!!! So I just ordered the Urban Decay Anniversary Palette from Sephora two days ago and it came in the mail already. Love that Sephora has amazingly fast shipping. However, the UPS man actually threw it onto my porch and it bounced off the door and landed a few feet away. Pretty funny that the box is marked FRAGILE in black letters....But at least it was packaged surrounded by packing materials so it was fine! Anyway, I was soo excited to get this palette because the shades looked gorgeous! The pallette has 15 full sized eye shadows and sells for $55. I was drawn to it because it has a lot of great nuetral browns/golds, and also more vibrant colors-pinks, purple, blues, and a matte black. This one pallete is great for traveling because it has day and night colors. Some of my favorites are Midnight Rodeo-which is a shimmery gold, and Deeper that is a warm brown gold. Deeper is extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way with this! But it is so gorgeous!

From Top-Vanilla, Flow and Chase-Not the best pic of these! Vanilla is a really pretty champaign with shimmer. This color works great as a brow highlight. Flow is a slightly darker color than Vanilla and is a really pretty lid color. Chase is my favorite of these three, and is a bright gold that is similar to Urban Decay's Half Baked or Mac's Amber Lights. The consistency of these eye shadows is really nice and smooth. They seem like Veluxe Pearle finishes if being compared to Mac shadows. There is some fall out when working with these, but I feel as though this is comparable to the Naked Pallete. All in all, I love this pallete! I've only used it for one day so far, but I am so excited to try out other colors!

Let me know your thoughts if you have purchased this palette! What are your favorite shadows in the palette?

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