Saturday, January 24, 2015

Savings Saturday: Getting The Most Out of Foundation Packaging!

As I showed in a previous post, the foundation I am currently using is the 
Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. (Review in previous post!) 

As of of my favorite products, I had to replace this since it was starting to run low. I'd wanted to make sure I was using most of it since it is a little pricey! Sorry Nars, but you cost about $42! For the past week I have been twisting off the top and have been assaulting the top of my hand with the packaging in an effort to get out the remaining product. Until today, when I thought about cutting the top of the packaging to get out any remaining product. So I tried this and I was amazed at how much product was inside! The amount of product remaining in the packaging, will probably last at least two weeks!
 I'm so amazed by this and just had to share!

Since I cut the packaging apart, I will be storing it in a plastic bag so it doesn't dry up and spill.

 So much product left inside!! 

I'm going to try this with my Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Plus Foundation as well! 
That may be a little harder to break into! I will show that if I conquer it!

Does anyone have tips on saving the product inside tricky packaging? 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thoughtz Thursday: Being Positive

I wanted to start something new on this blog, and that being once a week to have a Thoughtz Thursday Post! This will be anything positive, inspiring, thoughtful-good quotes to live by. I've always loved quotes, ever since I was a teenager and had a book of quotes that I would write down my favorites. I think it's so powerful when you find word that truly mean something to you, and can relate to your exact situation. I guess that is the power of the written word. 

I think that too a lot of times we get caught up in the daily tasks of life and can forget to take a minute. I like to look at Pinterest at night before bed, and look at positive quotes. I find this helps me to sleep better. I also think that trying to be positive-although hard at times can help the situation. I need to get better at this, and maybe mindfully expressing this and trying- will help!

So here are a few of my favorites for Thoughtz Thursday:

*Always Need Coffee!*

And one more…

Lorde *Tennis Court*
Love this song.

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm Back, New Year, Current Foundation Routine!

I'm back!~It's been a very long time since I've posted, but I guess I can blame that on my busy life! I can't believe yet another year has gone by and we're now in 2015! I wanted to get back into posting again because I have some great products to share! 

Current Foundation Routine

I recently changed up my foundation routine during the summer months because I wasn't into wearing heavy makeup with all the heat and humidity! I tried the Nars Tinted Moisturizer in (Terre-Nueve), and have loved this product! It blends so well into my skin and has great lasting power. Its a very light consistency and doesn't feel heavy at all. I have combination skin which is very sensitive and prone to break outs if I introduce new products. This has not irritated my skin at all, and gives my skin a great finish. I like to mix the Nars Tinted Moisturizer with Makeup Forever Matte Velvet Plus in 110. This helps to create a more matte finish, as the Nars Tinted Moisturizer is a bit yellow for my skin tone. The tone is better for my during the summer months, but now I am back to my usual pale self! The combination of the two products creates the perfect shade. 

I started using this foundation about two years ago and have been loving it ever since. This foundation is very light weight and doesn't feel heavy at all. It's very sensitive on my skin and doesn't cause any breakouts! A lot of foundations have made me breakout and I need to use an oil-free formula. This foundation comes in a many shades, and for me the lightest shade (110) works out best. A lot of foundations lean too yellow based for me which can be difficult to match my skin tone. This foundation mixes great with the Nars Foundation and I really like the finish when paired together! 
These two products are a bit pricey so I try to take advantage of the the Sephora Friend's & Family sales when I need to repurchase. I previously was using Revlon ColorStay for years, but it recently aggravated my skin-so I had to find other products! But these have been working very well!


Urban Decay-All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Love This Product!

I have been using this for years now and wouldn't go without it! It really helps my makeup to last all day and feels so cooling when you spray it on your face! I use this after I wash my face in the morning, before I put on my makeup. I like to also use this after I finish my makeup to lock it in. I got this at Ulta in the smaller size for $14. I feel like this size lasts a very long time! 

What are you favorites products for your foundation routine? I'm always looking for great new products for foundations and tinted moisturizers! 

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