Saturday, July 17, 2010

In The Groove Collection/Dazzle Lipstick!

From Left: Petticoat, By Candle Light Mineralize Skinfinish
Win Win Dazzle Lipstick

So I have finally gotten this post up!~I've been wanting to get this posted for a long time since I purchased these items from Nordstrom on the 8th. I did a pre-order at the MAC counter when I was in the store one day. I am sad to say that I did not get Stereo Rose because I thought it would be too dark for my fair skin tone. Now looking back, I probably should have purchased it as well because everyone's going crazy over it!~Oh well! Instead, I chose Petticoat and By CandleLight MSF. I'm really happy with both of these and think they are great for summer. They both give a really pretty glow to the face when applied. Pictures are shown below:

Petticoat Mineralize Skinfinish

Love this so much!~It's a gorgeous pink, gold/shimmery color that works great as a blush. I've been wearing it on my cheeks each day and it gives a great glowy look. I chose one that had less of the darker red veining because I wanted more of a pink tone. So I would suggest asking at MAC to see a few different Petticoat MSFs before purchasing so you can choose one that's right for your skintone. If you are lighter maybe go with less darker veining, and if you have a darker skintone you may want to get one with more darker veining. It is also very pigmented, so for me I apply with a light hand using my Mac 129 blush brush.

By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish

This is a really pretty MSF! It works great as a highlighter just above the cheekbones and really gives a pretty glow. It also adds a little bronzing effect as well since it is a tan, gold color. This product is a little on the sheer side so you can apply alot without looking crazy highlighted. I've been using this everyday with Petticoat and find that it looks really pretty. I've been first applying By Candlight just above my cheekbones with the side/flat part of the 129 brush, and then with the tip of the 129, applying Petticoat. Love these two products together!

Swatch of Petticoat and By Candlelight Above:

Nordstrom Exclusive:
Digipops Collection

Dazzle Lipstick
Win Win

Loving this color! It is a very pretty bright pink with fine specks of glitter built in. It has amazing staying power and I find that the glitter is not annoying or grainy at all. I did a swatch below and had to scrub my hand to get the swatch off!~This collection debuts first at Nordstrom stores and then it should appear in most MAC stores/counters in August. There are also a range of colors from corals, to purples, deeper reds, gold, etc.
View Nordstrom's Website to take a look!

Swatch of Win Win. It looks actually lighter on camera, it appears to be a brighter color in person.

What is your favorite product of In The Groove?

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Favorites Part 1

Starting from the Right:

MAC 217 Brush:

Love this for applying eye shadow to the crease. It's great for applying and placing color into the crease so easily! It's also works well for blending.

Sigma 168: (old numbering system)

I've been using this brush for a while and have been loving it. I've had this brush for about a year now and it seriously has held up soo well! It still looks brand new!~Yay Sigma!~
The brush works so well for me when I apply blush to the apples of my cheeks. Since it is slanted, it gives the perfect application of a not too bright, and not too dull blush look.

MAC also sells this brush and it looks almost identical. This brush is available at but it may be called something different due their new numbering sytem.

Benefit Powderflouge:

I won't say too much about this product since I already did a post on this. However, I've been using it everyday to set my MAC Studio Finish Concealer. Loving this and it works great!

MAC SE 227 Brush:
(Short handled brush in the middle)

This brush came with a holiday brush set that I got last Christmas. I love it for adding a highlight to my brow bone and also blending out the edges of my eye shadow looks once I am done with application. MAC and Sigma also sell the full sized 227. I'd really like to pick up the larger version of this brush!

Holiday 2009 Warm Eyes Pallet:

I won't say too much about this since I just did a post on this. But this is a great pallet of neutral eye shadows, for everyday looks!

Mac Studio Finish Concealer:

Great concealer that is very good for covering dark circles and also very blendable. I also have a post on this, if you want more info!

Tweezerman Tweezers

I got these a few months ago and am loving them! They work so well compared to my other old random tweezers. They were $20 at Ulta, if I remember correctly. You can also get them at Sephora or

Opi Nailpolish in Lucky Lucky Lavender

I just got this about a month ago and am loving the color. It's just a pretty bright lavender that's great for summer. You can get this online, Sephora and Ulta also sell Opi nail polish.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Love this product! It is great to use as an eyeshadow base because it gives off a gorgeous champaign shimmery color that is great for light colored eye shadows such as: Mac's Nylon, All That Glitters, Retrospeck, or any others!~You can also wear this alone with a darker color in the crease to create a great look as well. You can purchase this at Sephora, Ulta, or Urban Decay's website.

Benefit's Bad Gal Lash Mascara

This was my first mascara by Benefit and it really is such a great product. It works really well to separate and lengthen each individual lash. I find it the best mascara for my bottom lashes because it doesn't make them look too thick. The wand on this mascara is very large which is probably why it works so well at lengthening!

Morrocan Oil

I just picked this up a few weeks ago for my hair and it's already become a favorite. It works really well to smooth out any frizz in my hair. After washing my hair, I put it on the ends/half way up (just not on the top since it will make your hair greasy) when my hair is damp. Then style as usual. It gives my hair a lot of shine and I notice that it feels a lot softer. You can purchase this online or at a beauty supply store that sells hair products.

Mac 219 Pencil Brush

This brush is great for adding a darker eye shadow color to the outer v area. I use this particular brush for adding lighter colors to the inner corner of my eye. I find that this works really well to just brighten up my eye with a color like MAC's Nylon. Sigma also has a pencil brush that will work very well for this!

Cotton Rounds

I included these last minute because I have been using these to take off my eye makeup. I put some eye makeup remover on one of these and gently remove my eye makeup. These really do the job well and are not harsh on my skin. I purchases these from CVS and they come 80 to a pack for about $2.99. I only use one a day so they really last a long time! You can get these basically at Walmart, Target or any beauty supply store.

What are your Summer Favorites?

Next Up:

Makeup Remover Tip
Mac Haul
Mac Eyeshadow Highlight Pallet

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Friday, July 2, 2010

MAC Neutral Pallet

So here I'm finally going to post my MAC Neutral Pallet. I've been filling my pallet for a very long time!~It's not something that I bought all at once!~The eye shadows in pallet form are $11 each verses the $14.50 if you were to buy them in the compact. The pallet itself is $15, but you are saving in the long run if you were to buy 15 shadows in the compact.

This pallet is great to create very neutral, summery and glowy eye looks. These are my favorite go-to colors that are great for a day or even night look.

Shadows From the Top Left Going Across to the Right:

Top Row: All that Glitters, Honey Lust, Mythology, Paradisco, Amber Lights
Middle Row: Era, Patina, Woodwinked, Bronze, Tempting
Bottow Row: Sable, Mulch, Twinks, Antiqued, Handwritten

This looks great with Mac's Raven Eye Kohl on the upper lash line.

What are your favorite neutral eye shadows?

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Item of the Week!

This week's item is something that has been sitting in my collection since I've gotten it! So sad because it's so great and I am now loving it! It's the Mac Warm Eye Shadows Pallet from the Holiday 2009 Collection. I received it as a gift for Christmas, and I even went and picked it out with my mom who bought it for me! I just never really ended up using it because I was using different shadows on a daily basis. So...I stumbled upon these shadows this week and have been creating looks using these colors! I also have added a few more shadows to create a great summery look.

I love these colors because they are very neutral and are great for work, and also great for the summer. Below is a picture of the pallet:

Oh My Darling (Frost), Dare Ya! (Veluxe Pearl)
Sorcery (Satin), Gold tease (Frost)
Prankster (Veluxe Pearl), Devilishly Dark (Frost)

I'm not quite sure which color is which since the names are not ones which I'm familar with. However, I have been using the lightest as a highlight, Nylon on the inner corner, top right color on the lid, top middle (gold color in the crease mixed with Woodwinked), top left and bottom left on the inner corner (using my Mac 219). Love this look and I've been wearing it all week. It gives just a very pretty not too subtle neutral look!

I then have been using Mac's Blackline Powerglide Pencil eyeliner on the top lashline, and Mac's Smolder Eye Kohl on the waterline. For mascara, Benefit's Bad Gal Lash Mascara.

If you don't have this pallet you can definitely adapt these colors to create a similar look.
For Mac shadows, good dupes for this look would be:
Nylon: inner corner, All That Glitters: lid, Woodwinked and Amber Lights: crease, Beauty Marked or Sketch: outer v.

Also, the drugstore has many quads that you can pick up to create a similar look. Covergirl and Maybelline have similar shadows. A great dupe for Mac's Nylon is Covergirl's Champaign eye shadow.

What is your favorite Item of the Week?

Next post:

Mac Neutral's Pallet....(which is going up right after this post!)

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