Sunday, August 30, 2009

New GHD Flat Iron!

So today my flat iron broke again! I'm so upset with it because I just bought it a few months ago. I haven't even been using it that much! I do use it everyday, but don't most people? I plugged it in this morning and it heated up fine and I begun to use it, but then it turned off and wouldn't turn back on. I tried to press the reset button and nothing happened and then it just started working again. It then smelled I'm assuming something shorted out...It was then I decided I needed a new flat iron.

I had been looking online and had seen TiffanyD's review of her GHD flat iron. I decided I would order one online, but just so happened to find on in a salon today. I got the GHD IV Styler. They have many different stylers to choose from that are slightly different.

I just used it and it truley is amazing! It got my hair sooo straight and I only went over it once! My other flat iron would have me going over the same piece a few times. But this flat iron is the best ever! I'm soo happy with it! I will post pics later on! I just wanted to update.
This flat iron is kind of an investment which I'm hoping will not break...ever!

Check out the website:

GHD Website

Tiffany D's review on GHD.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Mac Palette & Sigma Brushes News!

Above is a picture of my brushes in the brush holder that I just recently assembled. I will post more on this later on!

Today was an exciting day despite the fact that I have a cold and don't feel well. I treated myself to something fun and even got my mom something too! The reason for my fun purchase was sparked by the following: So I woke up this morning and began to do my makeup. I've been using the Mac SE190 brush to put on my liquid foundation which has been working great! After that I use the MacSE 187 brush to blend the foundation. This has been working very well to blend the foundation however this brush is not in good condition at all. It's too bad to even take a picture of because I have not taken good care of it! Also, it sheds terribly because it's soo destroyed leaving me to pick little black brush hairs off of my face. So terrible!

I decided after this that I needed a new 187 brush. That is when I also decided I needed a new travel type brush that I could put in my makeup bag to take with me on a daily basis. I ended up going on the Sigma website to buy some more brushes because I'm VERY happy with the Brush Roll Kit that I just recently purchased. I find their brushes to be amazing! So in researching on their website, I decided to get the Face and Eye Kit because:

1) The 187 & 182 Kabuki together were $35 with shipping.

2) If I bought the Face and Eye Kit it gives you the 150 (large powder brush), 187, 239, 224 (amazing crease brush), 219, and 182 kabuki. They are also running specials right now and are giving a travel sized 217 (crease brush) away for free! So all in all, I decided that this kit for $49 plus shipping was a very good deal. I decided to give my mom the extra brushes that came in this kit...since I already have the ones that came with the Brush Roll Kit that I ordered a few weeks ago. So alas...I am now very excited and waiting for my brushes to arrive!

Definitely check out Sigma Brushes at their website:

Colors: Da Bling, Stars N' Rockets, Smoke & Diamonds

Mac Palette!

I just got this palette the other day at my Mac Store. I had been wanting to get a pallet for a long time and finally decided to purchase it.

Thing about palette: You can only buy them at an actual Mac Store because the counters usually don't sell them. At least that's what my Mac counter at Nordstrom had told me when I asked. The pots are $11.00 vs. the $14.50 when you buy them in the regular eyeshadow container. So they are a little cheaper in the long run. This palette which holds 15 eyeshadow pots was $12.00, while you can also buy a palette for blushes which holds 8 and is the same price. They also have quads for eyeshadow which costs $3.50. The pots come in a little pouch and you just slip them out and they have a small magnet on the back. You just place the eyeshadow right into the space, so easy!

So anyway, I was very excited to get this and can now work on filling up my palette! I had to get 3 eyeshadows for it initially, but I will probably try to do this slowly! What other colors do you think are a must for my palette?

I will soon be posting the rest of items from this past weekend's Mac Haul.

Have a great evening everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tag: Products I'm Using Rite Now!

So I saw this tag on Lollipop 26's blog and I decided to post this on my blog. I think this will be fun to see all the different products I use on a daily basis, because I know there are a lot. Feel free to tag yourself and post on your blog!

Products I'm Using Rite Now:

Shampoo: Keratin Shampoo for dry/damaged hair...Love this Shampoo! It has protein and lipids to help restore moisture due to my bleaching and flat ironing! It is really helping.

Conditioner: Keratin Treatment for dry/damaged hair. This is a really good conditioner with the same complex that makes your hair soo soft and smooth.
Sebastian Restorative Protein: Conditioning treatment that seals your hair w/ protein. I love this and it really makes my hair extra soft and moisturized. I would definitely recommend this!

Sebastion Potion Number 9 Leave in Conditioner: This leave in conditioner is amazing! It makes your hair so soft and works great when hair is blown out/flat ironed.

Face wash: Oil of Olay face wash. Love this face wash!

Styling products: Chi Silk Infusion. Tames frizzy hair and makes it smooth.
S Factor Flat Iron Heat Protector Spray: I love this product! It works sooo well to protect the hair from the heat.
Aussie Hair Spray

Deodorant: Arrid Powder Scent..

Primer: I'm using L'oreal Decrease for eyes...I like it but it seems a little thick. I want to check out Two Faced Shadow Insurance.

Foundation brush: Mac 190 SE...I think that's the name of it. It's just like the Sigma 190, but only smaller and I got it in last year's holiday set. I use it for my liquid foundation and it works really well.

Powder: Sigma SS190 for under my eyes. SS150 to apply Mineralize Skin Finish Natural.
I love the 150 brush it's soo soft and works so well to blend and apply powder.

Blusher: Mac Mineralize Blush in Gentle. Really pretty blush color...You can scroll down to see my review of this blush. I use the SS187 to stipple this on my cheeks and blend it out w/ my 150.

Bronzer: Mac Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden...I think that's the shade...I bought it a few months ago but it's a really pretty shade which is great for making my face not as pale!

Highlighter: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips, Custom Bronzer, Blush and Eyeshadow. It has many colors in this bronzer and when bought it I didn't realize it could be eyeshadow as well. But it works really well to brighten up the face.

Eyeshadow: I'm loving Mac eyeshadows and trying to build my collection. I will do a post on my favorite Mac eyeshadows as of now. Some I love and wear everyday no matter what my eye look is: Nylon (very bright color that works great as a highlight, and on the tear duct or inner corner, Phloof (also great highlight color), Satin Toupe (great crease color and outer v).

Eyeliner: This can vary on a daily basis. My favorite eyeliner is Covergirl Perfect Point Eye pencil. It's self sharpening and works great. I used this kind of eyeliner when I first started with eyeliner many many years ago! Mac Pearlglide Liner in Black Russian and Molasses.

Mascara: MAC Plush Lash. Bare Essentials Buxom Mascara. Love this mascara. If you want to see pictures and review just scroll down!

Lipstick: Mac Colour Crafted, Hue, and Politely Pink.

Lipgloss: Mac Dazzleglass in Via Veneto, Lustreglass in Morning Glory.

So that's about it! Feel free to comment and let me know of any great products that you love and think I should check out!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mac Favorites

I thought that I would update and just talk about my favorite Mac products as of now.

I love so many Mac products, but just wanted to mention a few that would be good if you are just starting out with Mac or if you use drugstore brand makeup but were looking for something a little different. So these products are great and worth the extra money because of how they look once applied.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

I just got this powder about a week ago and I love it! This is my first mineralize powder from Mac and it is amazing. It has great coverage but isn't too thick like I've said before. But it just gives this amazing smooth and flawless finish on my face. It makes your makeup look professional! I'm loving it and I really think it's worth spending a little more especially if you've been using drugstore brand makeup. I've always used Covergirl powder and decided to try this powder and I just can't say enough about it! (apparently)...So if you want to try this out, go to Mac and ask the salesperson to help you and they will match your color. I asked for help and they matched me perfectly! I ended up being a Medium in this powder which surprised me because my skin is very fair...but it matches perfectly! Maybe it's the summer tan. ha!

Mac Mineralize Blush

These blushes I think are really worth it because the pigment and color is so rich and vibrant. I've been using Mac blushes and mineralize blushes for a few years now and I find them to work really well. They have many different colors to choose from so you can decide which color you like the best. The one I have is Gentle and its a really pretty pink with a shimmer which is great for summer and even fall! Also, if you need help the salesperson can help match the color the goes best with your coloring. I sometimes ask their opinion on the blushes and they always know what works best with my eyes and skin tone. My eyes are green and this blush goes great with my fairish skin!

Mac Lip Products

I love, love Mac lip glasses, sticks, dazzleglasses etc. I think the colors are so bright and pretty. They are all really good quality and last long and you don't need to reapply all the time! I think I bought my first lipglass like 8 years ago or something and have been hooked ever since! Even if you are just starting out with Mac products and want to try a lipglass that's an easy way to get into Mac products. Ease into the obsession and just browse the products! Most Mac lip products are around $13.00-14.00 which is not that expensive!

#1 Favorite: Morning Glory Lustreglass

This was one of my first Mac lipglasses that I purchased and have always loved the shade! It's a really pretty lite shimmery pink color that looks great alone or over a lipstick color. I would definately recommend this color!

Via Veneto Dazzleglass:

I just got this a few weeks ago and am loving it! It's very similar to Morning Glory, but Morning Glory is more pink whereas Via Veneto has more purple undertones. This product stays on sooo well and you hardly have to reapply. I love it over Mac's Politely Pink or Colour Crafted Lipsticks.

Politely Pink Lipstick
I got this lipstick the other day when I Backed 2 Mac (turned in 6 empty Mac it was free!) This color is a pale pink which is a great everyday look or you can make it look brighter by putting Via Veneto or Morning Glory over it. Or a lipglass of your own! Drugstore or any kind at all!

Colour Crafted
This lipstick is a brighter pink color which looks great to brighten up your face. I like to wear it with either of my dazzleglass or lustreglass. It's a really fun lipstick color because it's very bright and pink!

Amber Russe Lipgele

This product I think is really my true favorite! I bought it about a year and half ago and it was my first lipgele ever. It goes on very smooth and doesn't feel sticky at all. I use it like I'd use chapstick if my lips are chapped and it helps alot. It just is like a lipgloss that is thin and gives a subtle, yet nicer color. It is a really pretty sheer shimmery color as you can see from the picture above. This is a great everyday color that just gives a little pigment to your lips, nothing drastic! I would definately check out this color!

So that is it for my favorite Mac products as of now. I will be posting later on about my thoughts on must have brushes from Sigma.

Smaller Crease brush
Dark Skinny Jeans: Express.

Mac Fall 09' Collection!~Haven't been to a Mac counter yet!
Comment below and let me know your favorite Mac products!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mac Haul!

So I went shopping again today! I've been shopping alot lately I know, but this time I had some gift certificates to spend. I'm kind of obsessed with Mac makeup right now (well I have been for a few years lol) but I'm especially obsessed with their eyeshadow as of now. So I went today to look at some more colors and ended up getting 3 eyeshadows. I'll post some swatches and take pictures of them later on so I'll just name them right now. I got some more basic colors that would be good on the lid and on the crease. First Pink Freeze, which is one of my favorites and one of the first Mac eyeshadows I ever bought. Next I got Phloof, which I've never had before but is very similar to my ultimate favorite Nylon. Phloof is a light frost color that also works great on the lid and also for a highlight. Then I got Tempting which is a very pretty brown color that would be good on the crease. I hadn't thought about creating an eye look using all of these colors but when the MA rang me up she commented on how nicely a look you could make using the colors. I was like wow, I didn't intentionally pick the colors to go together!

I also wanted to get a powder. I heard alot of good things about the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish...which I got in Medium. I must say, the MA was sooo helpful in matching my color. Sometimes I hate to ask for help but this was very helpful! I have used the powder since and I really like it and the coverage and color is great. It's not too heavy but then again not too light of coverage either. I think it's a perfect powder...for me anyways!

Then I just had to get a lip product. I decided to get colour crafted which is a very pretty pink color. I've been wearing Via Veneto (Dazzle Glass) over it and it looks really pretty. I will post some actual pictures of this look soon! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Brushes! Express Jeans and Boots

Very exciting news! My Sigma Brushes came in the mail today! I took some pictures and will post soon!

I went shopping again today...but actually didn't end up getting anything because I was helping my brother. But I did try on some jeans at Express that I really liked. They got a lot of fall jeans in that are dark blue which I really like. These jeans can all be worn to dress up a shirt or for going out at night. Here's some items that I found while I was at the store:

$49.50. I think these were the jeans that I had tried on. They were very comfortable because they had stretch in them. I really want to go back and get them!

$69.50. Express has so many pairs of and different kind of skinny jeans that it can be overwhelming! But there are so many different skinny jeans that you will definitely be able to find just the right pair for you! If you are looking for skinny jeans these are a good pair because you can wear them for a day look with flats or a night time look with heels as shown above.

The rouched look is a cute look because it gives the jeans something extra that makes them very cute. They also have regular skinny jeans that you can pair with high boots. These jeans may not lay flat enough with the rouched pattern.

If you would rather have a plain skinny leg then you might like these jeans better. They are a tighter fit all the way down the leg which again can be worn with flats or heels. These jeans would go great with high boots which is one of my favorite looks!

These boots I found online at I think they're really cute and could be worn with the skinny jeans above. I got a similar pair of these boots with a wedge heel and they were sooo comfortable! I wore them to work all the time and my feet never hurt and I seriously was on my feet all day! These boots are the same brand as my boots and since they're flats they must be even more comfortable than mine!

My boots that I have in black. I love these! They're sooo comfortable!
Naughty Monkey 'D-Ring' Boot $99.95
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mac Mini Haul

I was out running some errands with my mom today and I decided to run to the mall to get some makeup at Mac. Mac is my favorite, favorite place for makeup and I some how always end up there when I go to the mall. Or...I'll just go to the mall for Mac. I've been trying to build my eyeshadow collection and go outside my box of just light colors. I do have some darker colors, but I want to get more everyday darker colors that can be paired with my lighter colors...(my nylons, ego, etc.) So I ended up wanting to get Mystery but the girl put Satin Toupe in my bag and I didn't realize it until I got home...It's fine I already tried it and it's only slightly different..

The satin toupe is a dark brown and it has a nice kind of shimmer in it...I sometimes shy away from darker colors in fear of being too dak but since it is a frost finish it has a shimmer which is nice..I also got Star Velvet which is a very pretty red color. I had this color in a holiday set and just loved it. I would pair it with nylon and it looked really pretty. Below are some swatches of the eyeshadows...they didn't show too well...but you can kind of get a sense of the colors a little better.

Star Violet

Satin Toupe

I also wanted to get a new blush because I've been using bronzer for the summer. I love, love my bronzer that I'm currently using and I'll put a picture up later on! Anyway, I wanted to get new pink blush and have been looking into the mineralize blushes. I decided to get the color gentle mineralize blush. It has a lot of different light and dark pink tones in it which is very pretty. It's also shimmery which I like in blushes. However, a little of this goes a long way because it's very pink so you just need a little on your brush. Below, is a swatch of the blush so you can see what it looks like:

Mineralize Blush in Gentle

So that was my mini haul for today. I will be posting later on when my new brushes arrive!


Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Powder

Fall 09' Eyeshadow Quad

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sigma Brush Roll Kit!!!

Hello everyone! I am very excited today because I just ordered the Sigma Brush Roll Kit! I can't wait until they arrive and I will be posting once they arrive! I got the Brush Roll Kit which is $79 for 12 brushes. Below is the set that I purchased, which includes face and eye brushes. I have seen these used on many you tube videos and they look amazing!
You can also buy just the 12 brushes without the roll for $69.

They also have travel kits that are available for less which seem great! The travel kit that includes 7 face and eye brushes for $49. This kit comes in pink (which you can see above) and in black. I really like the pink because it's so cute!
You can view the brushes on their website:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Back!

So I finally decided to update my blog. I've found alot of great new products and will be telling you all about them! I feel like it's been so long since I've updated (over a year) that I have sooo many things to talk about! Today I think I'll focus on my new makeup products that I just bought.
New favorite store: Sephora. So I always loved Sephora, but I never really spent that much time in the store. I've been really into finding new eyeshadow brushes and that was my goal going into the store. They have sooo many brushes for foundation, blush and eyeshadow that it can be overwhelming! But, if you are in need for brushes of any kind this seriously is the place! The sales people are also very helpful! However, I think I need to do some more research on what kind of brushes I really need. I do have many Mac brushes, but I want to experiment with some other types...
Mascara: I LOVE mascara. I think that it completes a look. If you don't like to wear a lot of makeup and just want to look more polished, a little mascara will help you achieve that. If you are like me and love alot of eye makeup and big lashes then read on! I stumbled upon a mascara that I'd seen on someone else's blog and wanted to check it out. It's called Buxom Mascara from Bare Escentuals. At $18, it's a little higher priced than Mac's mascaras that I normally buy. I did need a new mascara because my last Mac Plush Lash is running out. As you can see from the pictures below, the wand is very large and really covers the entire lash line from inner to outer edges. I found this mascara to be amazing and really gives volume to your lashes. It really is worth it and I immediately noticed that my lashes were very voluminous! (Did I spell that right?)

Sephora Bag with Buxom Mascara.

Buxom Mascara: Bare Escentuals
$18.oo Sephora.
You can sort of see this mascara wand in the picture, although not as good as I would have liked. For some reason you can't see it as well on camera. However, the wand is great and very large compared to some mascaras. The brush is very detailed and really gets each lash. I will try to upload a video of the wand later on.

I was at the counter buying this mascara and the sales associate set me up with a Beauty Insider card. This is a great program they have because you earn points for your purchases. For every dollar you spend you get a point. The points go onto your card and eventually when you get to 100 points (which is just $100 that you need to spend!) you will get a free sample from what ever they're offering at that time. If you look around at their website you can see they offer eyeshadow duos and various other products which look really nice. So I will be working toward that and update you on any new products that I buy and love! The website is also great and you can search for mostly anything!

Upcoming: I will post on the new Mac products that I just purchased.

Question/Comments: I need to find an eyeshadow primer so my eyeshadow colors will stay and show up brighter when I apply. Does anyone have any good products they are using?