Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Favorite New Nail Polish

I know I haven't posted in a while, but decided to do a post on my favorite fall nail polish colors. I love the fall for the dark nail polish colors. These go perfect with a nice neutral eye look!

Essie: Little Black Dress

I got this color last week and have been wearing it ever since. This is a great dark color for fall since its a very warm color with a really nice sheen. Although it can appear almost black at quick glance, under the light it's a true brown. I wasn't sure how I'd like brown nails, but it looks really pretty on.

Yodel Me on My Cell, Metro Chic, Do You Lilac It?, Russian Navy

Loves these!~Yodel Me On My Cell is a really pretty blue with turquoise reflects. This is a shimmery fun color!

Metro Chic: Very pretty lilac/gray and more of a matte shade.

Do You Lilac It: Bright lilac color...my go to fall nail polish!~I've gotten so many compliments on this!

Russian Navy: Dark blue/purple. Love this color because it really looks different in every light. Sometimes it's very dark blue but then the light will hit it and you'll see dark purple. Great fall color!

Depending on where you get these the prices will vary. Sally's Beauty Supply, Ulta and online should have these! Also, Metro Chic is Sephora by Opi so try Sephora for that one.


Next up:
More Fall Favorite Nail Polishes.

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