Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Gifts, Stocking Stuffers

I really have been bad lately not updating...Anyway, I have been Christmas shopping so I have some new ideas for gifts. I decided to go shopping last Sunday morning and I woke up early to avoid the crowds. I got to the mall by 10ish, and it wasn't too crowded, later on it got worse...but I was already almost done with my shopping so it didn't bother me too much! My first idea for gifts is personalized ornaments. Many malls have the kiosk Santa's Pen, that will personalize ornaments for anyone you desire. They have the cutest ornaments such as, christmas trees, decorated mantels with stockings that you can have your family's name put onto and many more. They even had ornaments for teachers if you have a teacher in the family or for your child's teacher. So really cute things there. Plus, most ornaments are under $20 and personalization is free! Below is the link to their site, and you can even view their catalog online!

Macy's...I always spend my time holiday shopping at Macy's. One of the reasons I got to the mall so early was to look around while the Early Morning sale was still going on. Usually, they have the sale going on in the morning until noon. They have early morning specials on most items in the store at this time. They also run so many sales (save an extra 20%) if you use your Macy's card. I also get alot of coupons in the mail from them that you can use as well. So all in all, I end up saving alot of money there. So check it out!

Stocking Stuffers:

I tend to get stocking stuffers at Walmart. This way I can bascially get everything I need to fill up stockings at once. I like to get my parents little things for their stockings since in past years when I was small, they were quite empty. This year I got gum, mentos, candy, makeup for my mom, and lotion. I love the Calgon Morning Glory spray and lotion they have at Walmart. It's a light scent that isn't too strong to wear everyday. They have a small 2oz lotion and spray ($1.82) that's great for your purse. It hardly takes up any room and you can carry it around without even noticing it's there.
This is the perfume of Calgon Morning Glory, that is stronger than just the spray. It's more expensive by a few dollars. The bigger spray is around $5.90...this I think is around $7-8.00.
The next item that I just recently bought is Cover Girl Professional Mascara. It's on sale this week at Walmart $3.98, which is a great price for mascara. I really like it because it curls your lashes really well. I've been looking for mascara with this type of brush because I'm afraid to use an eyelash curler. I don't know why they just always looked kinda scary. So this way, the brush curls your lashes for you, and it also adds some volume as well. I really like this mascara! They also have it in a straight brush and in waterproof. I usually get waterproof, but they only had it in a straight brush. But this mascara is a great and fun stocking stuffer! I love buying makeup and putting it in the stocking so much better than socks or even candy.
So happy shopping! I'm almost done with everything...just have to pick up a few more things. I will be updating on more items I can across on my shopping spree. I got Mac eyeshadow that I need to talk about and some Nordstrom sweaters...So stay tuned. Happy Holidays!


karen, said...

Merry Christmas, Melissa! I hope you had a good one!

Makeup Fashion Love said...

Thanks!~I hope u had a good Christmas too!!