Friday, July 2, 2010

MAC Neutral Pallet

So here I'm finally going to post my MAC Neutral Pallet. I've been filling my pallet for a very long time!~It's not something that I bought all at once!~The eye shadows in pallet form are $11 each verses the $14.50 if you were to buy them in the compact. The pallet itself is $15, but you are saving in the long run if you were to buy 15 shadows in the compact.

This pallet is great to create very neutral, summery and glowy eye looks. These are my favorite go-to colors that are great for a day or even night look.

Shadows From the Top Left Going Across to the Right:

Top Row: All that Glitters, Honey Lust, Mythology, Paradisco, Amber Lights
Middle Row: Era, Patina, Woodwinked, Bronze, Tempting
Bottow Row: Sable, Mulch, Twinks, Antiqued, Handwritten

This looks great with Mac's Raven Eye Kohl on the upper lash line.

What are your favorite neutral eye shadows?

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LabelSnob said...

Such a pretty palette! Love it. Has all the colors I love in it.

Makeup Fashion Love said...

Thanks! :)