Sunday, May 23, 2010

Benefit PowderFlage

Benefit PowderFlage

I like to use this product to set my normal concealer in the under eye area. I use MAC's Studio Finish Concealer (see last post!)...and then layer the PowderFlage right on top. It does a good job in setting the Studio Finish and also brightening up the under eye area. I find it to work pretty well, but it's not an amazing concealer. It isn't heavy coverage at all, more like light to medium coverage for a concealer. It really is more like a powder that has brightening properties.

So over all, I think this works well to set my concealer so it will stay throughout the day. In addition, it does a good job at brightening up any dark circles you might have. I do like this product but probably wouldn't repurchase once I finish it. Only because I'm not sure that it gives that good of coverage when I already use a concealer. However, this product will last a really long time because you only need a small amount. I've had it for a while now and use it everyday, and the little container it comes in is almost you will definately have it for a long time!~If it were cheaper than $28, I would consider buying it again.

So if you would like a product to set your concealer in and have good staying power throughout the day, then you may really like this product.

For anyone that has purchased this product, what are your thoughts?

More posts to come soon! I think I'm on a roll!

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Alina said...

This products sounds interesting. I have really bad dark under eye circles and anything that would help lighten them up a bit would be great. I never have luck when it comes to products from Benefit. Their packaging is to die for, but the actual product (the ones I have tried) not so good for me :(

Makeup Fashion Love said...

I'd definitely try Mac's Studio Finish Concealer, it works really well for me!