Friday, May 7, 2010

MAC's Greasepaint Sticks

This actual color is true to the photo and is a light to dark brown with golden undertones. It is perfect for using as a base for your eyeshadow by putting all over the lid and into the crease. Then applying your lid color and darker eyeshadow color into the crease. Just make sure when applying this product, to apply with a light hand and blend out quickly as it will dry in and not move! I also like to apply a base before applying Below Ground to help with staying power and creasing. I like to use MAC's Paintpot in Soft Ochre. However, there are many other eyeshadow bases that you can use. I should do a blog post on that exact topic! I think I will!

I would say that Below Ground works great to enhance and make brighter any light neutral eyeshadow color. Below Ground will help to make them stand out a lot more.

What eyeshadows would I use to go over Below Ground? Sticking with my last post, I would still use MAC's All That Glitters. This is a light pink with golden undertones and to me is very sheer. Using Below Ground as a base really makes it more vibrant! You could also use MAC's Honey Lust which is a very pretty shimmery color. One of my favorite eyeshadows to put over Below Ground is another MAC eyeshadow in Grand Entrance. Now, I know this is no longer available...but a good dupe for this is MAC's Jest or Naked Lunch. Both are on the same order of q slightly sheer frosty pink/with gold undertones. You can also use any lighter more sheer eyeshadow of any brand!

In addition, you can use Below Ground to line your top and bottom lash lines. Just use it to line your eyes as you would with any pencil liner. It will create a great smoky look! Afterwards, I also use an angled brush and take a brown eyeshadow and smudge it a little bit. I like to use MAC's Tempting which has a lot of shimmer in it! I find this to make a neutral everyday look have some more excitement!

So thanks for reading! I have many more products to talk about and plan on posting more frequently.

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LabelSnob said...

Looking forward to your post on the Benefit Powderflage. I have had it on my wishlist it worth the money???

Makeup Fashion Love said...

It works really well as an eye brightener for under eye circles...but it doesn't really cover anything up. It's just good to brighten and set the concealer...But overall, I do like it...