Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mac To The Beach Fire Cracker Eyeshadow

I wanted to post about my favorite eye shadow from the To The Beach Collection. I know there are soo many reviews out there of this collection, so I won't go into a review of every product that I purchased. I'm sure you've seen the reviews out there! I wanted to talk about an eye shadow that I picked up with this collection.

I picked up Fire Cracker eye shadow which is a Veluxe Pearl finish. Veluxe Pearl finishes aren't my favorite because they do tend to have fall out unless you be sure to tap off your brush before applying!~Fire Cracker is an orange/red/coral color. It is very bright and pigmented so I like to counteract that with a more neutral eye. I usually wear it with nylon in the inner corner, Fire Cracker on the lid, Woodwinked in the crease, Bronze in the outer v and Beauty Marked just in the outer v. I feel like just gives a nice balance to the more bright color that is Fire Cracker.
So if you're looking for a bright summer color, then this may be the eye shadow for you!

What is your favorite summer eye shadow look?

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1 comment:

Makeupthoughts said...

That shadow is so so pretty...I cant use MAC eyeshadows cause they irritate my eyes unfortunately :((((((