Saturday, June 26, 2010

Item of the Week!

Bronzing Powder
MAC Golden Bronzer

So Item of the Week is kinda late...I wanted to put it up yesterday, but it's here now!~In my quest to use items in my makeup collection, I discovered a bronzer that I bought a few months ago. I always do this with bronzers/blushes, buy them and then forget I have them. So I found my bronzer which is Mac's Golden Bronzer and have been using it all week. The bronzer is tan shade with some golden shimmer, and it's really pretty and just gives a nice bronzed look. I stopped using it in the winter months because it is VERY pigmented and with a heavy hand can look like way too much bronzer! So I use this very sparingly to avoid that look! I apply it with my SS187 and just put a little starting at my temples and the going to my cheeks. I do the "3 e" to apply. I'm sure some of you are familar with this, if not you are essentially just making a number 3 on your face with your bronzer, starting at your temple, then your cheek and then underneath to the hollow of your cheek. This will give you a nice bronzed look.

MAC has many bronzers to choose from that you can try out to match with your skin-tone. My skin is pretty fair and the Golden can be a bit dark for me. However, it is fine with a light handed application. I would ask the MAC Makeup Artist for some help on matching a shade. Or, just do some swatches of different bronzers to compare!

Also, there are many drug store bronzers that are good as well. I've used Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip as a bronzer and loved this product. I am definitely going to repurchase because I used mine up. This product is about $12 at the drug store, and it also can be used as eyeshadow. I got mine at CVS, so check it out next time you're there!

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Pop Champagne said...

ooh I have the mac bronzer, I love it, it doesn't clog up my pores and make me feel greasey at the end of the day. great pick!

Makeup Fashion Love said...

Thanks!~I'm going to need to repurchase soon...might try something different!