Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bachelor, Private Practice, New Ballet Flats,

Ok so...Did the bachelor make any sense to anyone? I mean, I was all excited thinking he would pick one of the girls and he didn't pick either one! Seriously! Then, when he confronted them last night at After the Final Rose Ceremony, he couldn't really explain himself. I guess he just didn't feel it for either girl. It's just sad. I did feel really bad for both girls and also for him. Deanna really did love, if not like him alot. So it was a sad world in the bachelor. Sounds stupid if you didn't watch it, but I did really get into it.

Private Practice: ABC 9pm: Wednesday.

One of my new favorite shows is Private Practice. In case you've never watched it, I'll give a little summary. Addison Shepard (from Grey's Anatomy) has moved down to Los Angeles to work in her friend's practice. It's co-op in Santa Monica and takes a very modern approach to medicine. They have a pediatrician (Dr. Cooper in navy blue), a therapist, holistic healer (Addison's love interest and guy closest on the left). Naomi is co-owner of the practice with her ex-husband Sam, both pictured in the back of the photo. Just like Grey's Anatomy, the doctors are able (most of the time) to help their patients but all have problems of their own. The show is heartfelt as it chronicles the troubles of the day's patients, and also in their own lives. I must also say the receptionist William, is very cute. So def. check that show out! I watched it from the first episode and really loved it.

Shoes: Jessica Simpson ballet flats. Cost $75.
I just got these new shoes in black leather (pictured above in patent leather) last week. They're sooo comfortable I can wear them bascially all day. I was very surprised too because usually I buy a cute shoe like this and wear it for twenty minutes and it's already bothering me. But these, I wore on job interviews all day last week and my feet didn't hurt at all. I also had to do a lot of walking to and from parking lots, and I have to say they were sooo comfortable. They have a little heel, which is good for me cause I'm 5'7ish. They don't make you too tall, but also give a little heel which helps when wearing dress pants. They're great for wearing to the office, or even going out at night for drinks. They're not hard to walk in so if you happen to get a little tipsy, you shouldn't have a problem walking. Not unless you've had too many drinks!
You can get these shoes at most department stores. Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom. I also remember seeing them at Baker's. You can also look online for them as well...But if you have coupons from Macy's (as I do cause they send them out all the time!) you might want to try them there. Who knows, you might be able to save on them!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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seems like you r a huge fan of the show and i am sure that you would definitely like to download private practice episodes so what u would like to recommend to the fans.