Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nordstrom...Shoes, Uggs, n Coats

So I decided to search for things on the Nordstrom website. They have so many great departments that you can find most anything. Shoes, bags, makeup, clothes. I also really like their junior department (BP). I go there so much the salesgirl even knows my name. The people that work there are really helpful too. Not annoyingly helpful either like at some stores. They also have a great credit card rewards program. For every dollar you spent you get a point, and if you get 2000 points, you get a $20 Nordstrom gift certificate. Plus, at Nordstrom you get double points for every dollar you spend. So if you charge things alot, you'll be getting gift certificates every few months! So check that out!

As most people living in the NYC area, it gets really cold this time of year. I hate the cold! So I love warm jackets, socks and all sweaters. I just recently got a pair of black uggs and I'm in love with them. They are the most comfortable shoes ever! I seriously would wear them all the time if I could. I decided on the black ones cause I'm always wearing black and I could accessorize with it really easily. I'm also thinking of getting another pair in the chestnut color so I could wear them w/ brown or black!

Nordstrom also had black uggs that were higher w/ fur all along the trim. They were really cute but I couldn't find them on the website while I was searching. I think they were around $199.

I also saw Juicy socks at Nordstrom that were so cute. They were pink...but these I thought were cute as well. Their socks department, has such a wide selection of comfy socks. They have the softest and warmest socks that are only $10! I bought a pair for my mom for her birthday.

In my search for a new coat for the season, I found this one that I really liked. It looks very professional for those of you working. But it's also cute for those of you in college or not yet in the professional working world.
Website in case you wanna search:
That's my insight for today. Stay warm!

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