Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mac Upstarts/New Eyeshadow Recommendations

I have neglected on posting, I know! I have so much to talk about but I'm going to try to keep this short and post more later. I purchased the Mac Upstarts Kit for $27 a while back. It came with Nightsky eyeliner, Zoom Lash Mascara, Prep and Prime Lash Primer, and Eye makeup remover. I think that is a great deal because if you were to purchase all of this separately it would cost over $40! Below you can see what the kit looks like and what it comes with.

Nightsky Eyeliner

The Nightsky eyeliner is the reason I bought this kit because it was limited edition and came back only with this collection. It's a black with sparkle built in. It's very similar to Mac's Pearglide Eyeliner in Black Russian. Nightsky was my favorite eyeliner so I'm very excited to have it back!

Zoom Lash Mascara

I think this mascara works very well and does create thicker lashes. My only complaint with this is that it clumps my lashes together in places. However, I find that if I wipe the wand off on the top of the bottle this doesn't happen. I still think my favorite Mac mascara is Plush Lash because it doesn't clump and creates thicker lashes....I have to stick with my old favorite!

Prep & Prime Lash Primer

I had always wanted to try this product because I'd never tried a lash primer before. It's a white consistancy that you put on your lashes before applying mascara. It will help the mascara cling to your lashes and make them appear thicker. I like this alot because it does work well....just be careful not to put too much on your lashes otherwise you will experience clumping.

Eye Makeup Remover

This kit comes with a sample size of the Eye Makeup Remover. Mac's larger bottle costs $18.00. This works amazingly! I am loving this product so much! This remover works so well and you only need a small amount! I just put a small amount on a tissue and wipe it over my eyes and all my eye makeup comes right off! I will definately re-purchase!

Mac Eyeshadows:
I recently went to Mac to get a few more eyeshadows. I was trying not to spend too much money so I decided to buy two. I got Expensive Pink and Sable. Expensive Pink is a bronzy pink and Sable in a frost brown color. Very pretty!
I am really liking these colors, but they are very light so you will need a primer such as Indianwood Paint Pot or Rubinesque. Or...an NYX pencil in brown which is what I used when working with these shadows.
I did not buy anything from Mac's Style Black collection because I'm not a fan of darker makeup...but I might get something the next time I go to Mac.
I will be posting some swatches of Expensive Pink and Sable later on.

I will update again later and include some pictures of these shadows.

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