Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review/Pictures of Mac Blush, Paint Pot, Studio Sculpt.

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I finally took pictures of the items from my last post. I'm going to quickly review and talk about the Mac Well Dressed Blush and Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. I also just purchased some new Mac lip products which I am loving!

Mac Blush Well Dressed (Satin)
This blush is a light pink color that appears sort of matte, but it's actually a satin finish. It goes on smooth since it is a satin finish and it's really a pretty baby pink color. It's very pretty and appropriate for an everyday more polished look, which is exactly what I bought it for! For going out/or out to dinner, I'd still wear my Mac Mineralize Skin Finish blush in Gentle that has some shimmer. But for an everyday work look, this Well Dressed Blush is great!
Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre

I've been hearing alot about all different eyeshadow primers and am SO happy with this paint pot. I have been using this product as an eyeshadow primer everyday since I bought it. I first used L'oreal Decrease eyeshadow primer which caused me to get alot of creasing when wearing my eyeshadow. But this Mac paint pot is amazing! I put it on before I apply my eyeshadow and then apply my eyeshadow on top. It works soo well to make the eyeshadow colors brighter and stay on longer. The paint pot is a creamy but light product that goes on the lid smooth and is easily blended in to the skin. The Soft Ochre color is similar to the color of my skin so it blends in nicely. They also have other colors that have shimmer or are darker that can be worn as an eyeshadow color. But I am loving this paint pot! It works brillantly as an eyeshadow primer!

Mac Lipstick in Hue
I am loving this lipstick! It is a perfect neutral pink color that is great for an everyday work, offic or even school look. I think this color is great for someone just starting out with Mac and wants just a neutral everyday color. This color is also great if you've created a very dramatic eye look and need something to soften your look. ALSO, you can wear Hue under a lipgloss and it would look great as well.

Mac Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks

I bought this with Hue because I thought the two would go great together. This Dazzleglass is a gorgeous light pink color that compliments Hue perfectly! It has only slight sparkles in it and isn't too bright of a color. I think that you could wear this as an everyday look since it is very light. The office would definately welcome this look!

I swatched Hue and then put Baby Sparks on top of it. The two look really pretty together! You can also adapt this look to whatever lipstick and lipgloss you have if they are similar colors. You can use any drugstore lip product and pair lipstick with a lipgloss for a brighter, more exciting look! Next time you're in the drugstore and want to try this look, find a lipstick and then choose a lipgloss that is a similar color to go over it!

I hope you enjoyed these reviews!

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