Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Mac Palette & Sigma Brushes News!

Above is a picture of my brushes in the brush holder that I just recently assembled. I will post more on this later on!

Today was an exciting day despite the fact that I have a cold and don't feel well. I treated myself to something fun and even got my mom something too! The reason for my fun purchase was sparked by the following: So I woke up this morning and began to do my makeup. I've been using the Mac SE190 brush to put on my liquid foundation which has been working great! After that I use the MacSE 187 brush to blend the foundation. This has been working very well to blend the foundation however this brush is not in good condition at all. It's too bad to even take a picture of because I have not taken good care of it! Also, it sheds terribly because it's soo destroyed leaving me to pick little black brush hairs off of my face. So terrible!

I decided after this that I needed a new 187 brush. That is when I also decided I needed a new travel type brush that I could put in my makeup bag to take with me on a daily basis. I ended up going on the Sigma website to buy some more brushes because I'm VERY happy with the Brush Roll Kit that I just recently purchased. I find their brushes to be amazing! So in researching on their website, I decided to get the Face and Eye Kit because:

1) The 187 & 182 Kabuki together were $35 with shipping.

2) If I bought the Face and Eye Kit it gives you the 150 (large powder brush), 187, 239, 224 (amazing crease brush), 219, and 182 kabuki. They are also running specials right now and are giving a travel sized 217 (crease brush) away for free! So all in all, I decided that this kit for $49 plus shipping was a very good deal. I decided to give my mom the extra brushes that came in this kit...since I already have the ones that came with the Brush Roll Kit that I ordered a few weeks ago. So alas...I am now very excited and waiting for my brushes to arrive!

Definitely check out Sigma Brushes at their website:

Colors: Da Bling, Stars N' Rockets, Smoke & Diamonds

Mac Palette!

I just got this palette the other day at my Mac Store. I had been wanting to get a pallet for a long time and finally decided to purchase it.

Thing about palette: You can only buy them at an actual Mac Store because the counters usually don't sell them. At least that's what my Mac counter at Nordstrom had told me when I asked. The pots are $11.00 vs. the $14.50 when you buy them in the regular eyeshadow container. So they are a little cheaper in the long run. This palette which holds 15 eyeshadow pots was $12.00, while you can also buy a palette for blushes which holds 8 and is the same price. They also have quads for eyeshadow which costs $3.50. The pots come in a little pouch and you just slip them out and they have a small magnet on the back. You just place the eyeshadow right into the space, so easy!

So anyway, I was very excited to get this and can now work on filling up my palette! I had to get 3 eyeshadows for it initially, but I will probably try to do this slowly! What other colors do you think are a must for my palette?

I will soon be posting the rest of items from this past weekend's Mac Haul.

Have a great evening everyone!

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