Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Brushes! Express Jeans and Boots

Very exciting news! My Sigma Brushes came in the mail today! I took some pictures and will post soon!

I went shopping again today...but actually didn't end up getting anything because I was helping my brother. But I did try on some jeans at Express that I really liked. They got a lot of fall jeans in that are dark blue which I really like. These jeans can all be worn to dress up a shirt or for going out at night. Here's some items that I found while I was at the store:

$49.50. I think these were the jeans that I had tried on. They were very comfortable because they had stretch in them. I really want to go back and get them!

$69.50. Express has so many pairs of and different kind of skinny jeans that it can be overwhelming! But there are so many different skinny jeans that you will definitely be able to find just the right pair for you! If you are looking for skinny jeans these are a good pair because you can wear them for a day look with flats or a night time look with heels as shown above.

The rouched look is a cute look because it gives the jeans something extra that makes them very cute. They also have regular skinny jeans that you can pair with high boots. These jeans may not lay flat enough with the rouched pattern.

If you would rather have a plain skinny leg then you might like these jeans better. They are a tighter fit all the way down the leg which again can be worn with flats or heels. These jeans would go great with high boots which is one of my favorite looks!

These boots I found online at I think they're really cute and could be worn with the skinny jeans above. I got a similar pair of these boots with a wedge heel and they were sooo comfortable! I wore them to work all the time and my feet never hurt and I seriously was on my feet all day! These boots are the same brand as my boots and since they're flats they must be even more comfortable than mine!

My boots that I have in black. I love these! They're sooo comfortable!
Naughty Monkey 'D-Ring' Boot $99.95
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