Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Back!

So I finally decided to update my blog. I've found alot of great new products and will be telling you all about them! I feel like it's been so long since I've updated (over a year) that I have sooo many things to talk about! Today I think I'll focus on my new makeup products that I just bought.
New favorite store: Sephora. So I always loved Sephora, but I never really spent that much time in the store. I've been really into finding new eyeshadow brushes and that was my goal going into the store. They have sooo many brushes for foundation, blush and eyeshadow that it can be overwhelming! But, if you are in need for brushes of any kind this seriously is the place! The sales people are also very helpful! However, I think I need to do some more research on what kind of brushes I really need. I do have many Mac brushes, but I want to experiment with some other types...
Mascara: I LOVE mascara. I think that it completes a look. If you don't like to wear a lot of makeup and just want to look more polished, a little mascara will help you achieve that. If you are like me and love alot of eye makeup and big lashes then read on! I stumbled upon a mascara that I'd seen on someone else's blog and wanted to check it out. It's called Buxom Mascara from Bare Escentuals. At $18, it's a little higher priced than Mac's mascaras that I normally buy. I did need a new mascara because my last Mac Plush Lash is running out. As you can see from the pictures below, the wand is very large and really covers the entire lash line from inner to outer edges. I found this mascara to be amazing and really gives volume to your lashes. It really is worth it and I immediately noticed that my lashes were very voluminous! (Did I spell that right?)

Sephora Bag with Buxom Mascara.

Buxom Mascara: Bare Escentuals
$18.oo Sephora.
You can sort of see this mascara wand in the picture, although not as good as I would have liked. For some reason you can't see it as well on camera. However, the wand is great and very large compared to some mascaras. The brush is very detailed and really gets each lash. I will try to upload a video of the wand later on.

I was at the counter buying this mascara and the sales associate set me up with a Beauty Insider card. This is a great program they have because you earn points for your purchases. For every dollar you spend you get a point. The points go onto your card and eventually when you get to 100 points (which is just $100 that you need to spend!) you will get a free sample from what ever they're offering at that time. If you look around at their website you can see they offer eyeshadow duos and various other products which look really nice. So I will be working toward that and update you on any new products that I buy and love! The website is also great and you can search for mostly anything!

Upcoming: I will post on the new Mac products that I just purchased.

Question/Comments: I need to find an eyeshadow primer so my eyeshadow colors will stay and show up brighter when I apply. Does anyone have any good products they are using?

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